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Choreographic piece, 12 minutes, inspired by David Gore’s painting. 

Totem is the Ancestor, the mythical identity. The art work of David Gore refers to ancestral notions with assertiveness and motherhood. «That is why I based my reserach on body- movement playing with vertical axe and shapes... A dance escaping with angular forms, running through  space and time... I had the idea of this delicate body material linked to a slow projection of motion pictures with musical surrounds.»

And the Totem approach was born through this precise gesture and  crossing of shapes. Then, the audience could be moved by the expressions of this imaginary «womanTotem».

The masks make it feel better, embrace the movement’s positions, directions and balance. The audience can follow the body crossing this symmetric, framed image field. The spirit of the movement is flashing like an eternal sign of life.



Choreography and interpretation: Marlène Myrtil,
Musical composition: David Gore
Lights: Luc Degassart


Production Kaméléonite

Accueil résidence reprise : Salle 10 Ancienne école mixte A, Ville de Saint-Pierre 


December 2018: Case Pelletier Lamentin.

October 2018: CH Maurice Despinoy, Fort-de-France

December 2017: Villa FL, Lamentin Martinique - Ehpad Saint Esprit, Saint Esprit, Martinique

December, 2011: Mangrove Festival, Marseille

January 2011: Premiere in Brussels, David Gore exhibition at the European Parliament

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