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String, correspondence, deep link ...

Assent, to change our prehension and apprehension of the other who hinders, detonates, diverts, derails.
Assent to refresh a glance, remove barriers, prejudices and frames.
Persistence of attachment, it is like the brown negro who enjoys his freedom, the strange reminiscence of the link to authority. It is a virtual chain that continues to hurt part of the soul. It is still a constitutive link of the black man in his existential suffering.



Choreography, interpretation, text: Marlène Myrtil

Music: Mozart, Concerto for two pianos and orchestra

Sound materials: Fabien Caron

Design, sound editing: Babou Marcuse

Lights: Valéry Pétris, Luc Degassart

With the knowing gaze of Yna Boulanger

Duration: 23 '


Production Kaméléonite
Résidence Point Ephémère, Paris


2017: Chmd Fort de France

2013 : Case Pelletier Martinique

2012:  Festival des danses métisses, Guyane

2009-2010 : Domaine de Fonds St Jacques, Martinique

2007-2011 : Festival Bertin Poirée, Paris

Juin 2007 : Ouverture publique, Point Ephémère, Paris


Assentiment 2

Assentiment 2

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