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Photo : JB Barret

Choreographic lyrics, creation 2020-2021 
#Jardin créole - 23'
#Klimatik - 24'

The news and the positioning of agricultural places, farmers and consumers of the Martinique territory are at the heart of our subject :

• we collect information from the actors of the Martinican agricultural network that we meet ;

• we explore these sources of information through writing and theatrical and dance improvisation ;

• we create these CHRONICLES using the arts of speech and the performance of the body ;

• we present these CHRONICLES to the public in situ: market, square, schoolyard, agricultural school, farm, fields, shared garden, eco-museum, rural center, etc.

Chroniques agricoles is inspired by PLANTÉ.ES, created in France in 2017 by the Collectif de l'Âtre because of the citizen interest of its team for intensive agriculture, the use of pesticides, monoculture, European policies - and their impact on daily life.



Photo : JB Barret

Choreographic lyrics, creation 2022-2023
#Terres au féminin
- 43'

This third chronicle revolves around the recurring, innovative and determining presence of women in the landscape and terroir of
Martinique. While emphasizing the ramification of the Chroniques agricoles, we seek to promote visibility and exchange through co-construction.


Witness to an affirmation, to an agricultural thought of women, Terres au féminin, is inspired by the sensitive, endearing and current reality of a
rich, generous territory, yet fragile and exhausted. This show is performed by a trio: two dancers and a dancer-actress. A musical composition will accompany the words, the steps, the presences…



Photo : Peggy Leblanc-Fargues


Art direction: Marlène Myrtil 
Actor-performer: Rita Ravier

Dancers and dancers - performers: Chantal Thine, Jean-Michel Garraud, Francis Saint-Albin, Marlène Myrtil, Jésika Orsinet
Musical composition: Christophe Césaire

Photos: Jean-Baptiste Barret, Peggy Leblanc-Farges

With the assistance of Patrick Womba on the creation and distribution of the 2020-2021 season.


Ministère de la Culture - Dac Martinique, Collectivité Territoriale de Martinique

Rectorat de Martinique

Groupe Caisse des Dépôts ( Jardin créole et Klimatik - 2021)

Coproductions : Ville du Lorrain (Terres au féminin 2022) et Maison du Bèlè Sainte-Marie (Terres au féminin 2023)

Accueil résidence : Ville de Saint-Pierre, Le Lorrain, Saint-Joseph, Maison du Bèlè  - Martinique


April 2022: North Atlantic High School, Sainte Marie; Perrinon College, Fort-de-France; Pelletier School, Le Lamentin;

February 2022: Pernock High School, Le Lorrain;

December 2021 : Lycée Croix Rivail, Ducos; Edouard Glissant College, Lamentin; Emmanuel Saldes College, Sainte-Marie; Saint-Denis Fund primary school;

 July 2021: Agriculture week, Glombard farm, Pain de Sucre, (Sainte-Marie);

January 2021: ND College of Délivrande (Morne Rouge), Biokaïl Farm (Saint-Denis Fund);

December 2020: Robert LPA, Saldès College (Sainte-Marie), LPA Croix Rivail (Ducos), Carbet College, Prêcheur Primary School, Louis Delgrès College (Saint-Pierre);

November 2020: public openings dance hall, former mixed school A, Saint-Pierre.



Chroniques agricoles

Chroniques agricoles

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