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The axis of transmission in an educational environment has always nourished the approach and work of the choreographer Marlène Myrtil.

The company offers various support for primary and secondary schools : artistic practice workshops and in situ shows.


The compagny offersa show adapted for young audiences (from 6 years old) : Chroniques agricoles available in 3 small forms. 

The show is inspired by a series of meetings with farmers in Martinique and the ecological commitment necessary for the world of tomorrow. Compagnie Kaméléonite has taken up agricultural and food themes which it questions through dance and the art of speech.


These in situ forms are invited to school and allow students to exercise the “eye of the spectator” and to exchange with the artists at the end of the performance.


Chroniques Agricoles open up numerous educational avenues such as eco-agriculture, sustainable development, food... So many essential subjects in our current ecological context.


Location : schoolyard, refectory, auditorium...

Capacity : 90 students. 

Duration : 40 or 47 minutes (+ discussions)

Price : 900 euros. The show is available for middle/high schools via Pass Culture on Adage.

atelierchroniquescollege edouard glissant.jpg


The company offers artistic practice workshops that go through the process of creating a show. The goal is to share reflective and creative moments. It is an opportunity to discover the fundamentals of contemporary dance and theatrical performance.

Content : talk about the agricultural world, be introduced to the art of speech and dance movement.

Duration : 2 hours


  • Pass Culture via the Adage platform for middle/high schools

  • directly from the company by email or telephone, indicating the desired dates, the number of students and levels.

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