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Duet, lecture and performance premiered in december 2009

This an eulogy of a dozen women for which each portrait gives birth to a vocal and corporal dance.

The interpretation of the text in its reading, speaking, embodying and poetry slaming aspect becomes the background of an ancestral and erractic piece. Its colour is «scarlet blue»



Choreography: Marlène Myrtil

texts, extracts from Humus by Fabienne Kanor

Interpretation: Yna Boulangé and Marlène Myrtil

Music: sound material drops and clicks, excerpts from Chopin Vivace's Preludes B major, Lento F dies major, Andantino A major

Accessories: thanks to C. Marie-Rose,

Sound engineer: Valéry Pétris

Duration: 35 '


Rectorat - Daac Martinique
DAC Martinique
Conseil Régional de la Martinique


December 2010 : Acajou, Fort de France, Fonds Saint Jacques

December 2009 : Carbet, St Joseph, Mahogany, Trinity

Cie Kaméléonite - Impérissable images et réalisation  YnaBG  -

Cie Kaméléonite - Impérissable images et réalisation YnaBG -

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