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Choreographic poetry about the Caribbean woman, 2012 creation

A staging where the choreography and the video accompany a parade of  women from all dignity, rebellion, aesthetics, game, mirror, banner ...

Blue format, blues format, the ocean lets changing emotions capsize, bursts of joy and torrents of tears open the space for reflection on the identity of the Caribbean woman.

The texts from Humus by Fabienne Kanor plunge us back into the fanciful and historical universes that have given rise to portraits of heroic women.

Blues Ecarlate is similar to this deep blue where sadness resonates with a mad desire to live. Like a blood drive, a formidable intelligence that tells us what is good for us, like the “Po” spirit described by ancestral Eastern thought, Blues Ecarlate draws us to the center of ourselves ...

Urgent need to exist, to move, to dance.



Artistic direction: Marlène Myrtil
Choreographed and performed alternately by: Suzy Balthazard, Ghislaine Décimus, Josiane Antourel, Yna Boulangé, Myriam Soulanges and Marlène Myrtil
Music: David Gore
Texts: Fabienne Kanor
Video design: Fred Lagnau
Costumes: Sandra Saintlouis
Lights: Dominique Guesdon
Teaser capture: Christian Foret
Duration: 50 '


Création 2012 au théâtre municipal de Fort de France, Martinique
DAC Martinique
Secrétariat d’Etat à l’Outremer
Conseil Régional de la Martinique.


October 2012: Municipal Theater of Fort-de-France
December 2013: Atrium, Fort de France
November 2014: Ink, Cayenne

Blues écarlate

Blues écarlate

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